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A New Way of Life

on a New Earth


Every time you integrate within you,

your vibration goes up,
and you will shift to

a parallel reality on a new planet.

A New Way of Life on a New Earth.


The spell of “difficulty” will be broken,
and instead, it will start a way of life

for being “you” who you want to be;

it’s easiness,  lightness  and  smoothness.


Ayako Sekino🌕💫🚀

Amazon Kindle Book✨

Ayako Sekino's

"The New Way of Living on Earth"

(English Edition) 


Ayako Sekino Profile✨

In 1987, a contact with Bashar, a higher dimensional being, began✨

This led to experience to connect with her true self, a universal consciousness✨

Since then, she realized that everyone is a high consciousness with infinite possibilities

that expands like a universe and started to keep awakening to her “ True Self✨”

In the year 2,000, she introduced an integration method called “Infinite” with which anyone can begin to connect to their higher consciousness✨

This extremely simple and powerful integration gives back your power to yourself, and you can experience with such overwhelming reality that you can live with your true high consciousness

that is not bound by frameworks of Earth’s rules and concepts✨

Not only in Japan but also abroad, many people started using this method 

and the waves of their excitement, joy, emotional upheavals are spreading✨


Screen of


Let's go back to 

this Universal Consciousness! 

This palace of "smily face" is the only place

you can go back to your true self🚀


This is a magnetic field of light✨

We always standing on this field.

Thank you for finding us

and accessing to this information of "truth"✨

It’s a new way of living on  a new earth we’ve never thought about.

It’s the totally opposite of a way of life up until now.

We won’t be affected by no matter what happens in your reality

or information from the outside any more.

Because we will remember this exciting truth;

“You are the creator of your reality,

and you can recreate your reality by yourself”

By using “integration method” in our daily life,

we are reconnecting to our own true self certainly.


Right now, we are not providing the online classes in English.

So, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us any time.

We will support you as much as we can.

Let's awaken to who you truly are and live as it is.

​Thank you✨

Support Team✨

YouTube with English subtitles 

A New Way of Living on Earth

YouTube Live Video Full Version



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